Friday, May 7, 2010

Clay Candle-Votive

Many of us are just fond of exotic candles, and to place them we are in continuous search for exquisite candle stands or candle votives. Some lucky candles got their pairings and some just wait inside the closet for their ideal match because nothing has clicked us for them yet :).

Same is the case with me; most of my candles are sitting in the closet waiting for their turns. So I thought of making my own candle votive with my choice of colors and shape. And I made the one with clay.

I used Air-dry clay and ceramic powder for making a mould; and Loew Cornell’s Metallic watercolors to paint it. This is how I made it:
  • Make a round ball of clay of the size of a tennis ball. On a slightly floured (with ceramic powder) work surface flatten the ball using roller pin to the thickness of 3mm.
  • Put this flattened clay into the floured circular bowl of your desired size. With soft hands give the edges free style creases and overlapped shape. Avoid cracks. Press the base to keep it flat.
  • Once it’s partially hardened, take out from the bowl and place it on a clean surface for drying.
  • When dried, paint as desired.

These votives are great for exhibiting candles and you can also set the colorful potpourri in it for aromatic ambiance.

Have a Happy Moulding!

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