Thursday, May 13, 2010

Calligraphy Painting with Motifs

I come out with this idea, because I wanted to put something on the entrance wall of my house. As it is said, entrance is a mirror of your home. So what else could be more apt than the images of our God.

I used wooden board as a base and place motifs accordingly. Here how I proceeded for getting the end result.

  • For the textured base, I have used Tulip Slick 3-D liner in white color. It gives an embossed look and you can paint any color on it. I made a vein like pattern on the base. The liner needs 1-2 hours drying time.
  • The borders were made from Air-Dry clay. Roll a ball of clay lengthwise giving it snake like shape. Make 4 of these, one for each side and keep the length a little longer than the sides of the board. Keep them on each side and press the clay with a finger at 1 inch gap. I gave a calligraphic pattern with ancient Hindu scriptures that suits the overall theme.
  • The motifs were then set in the center and on the sides. I colored the base with acrylic colors and make some deigns as desired with the liner.

Here is a perfect painting for the entrance or for your religious room.
I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Have a Happy Painting!

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