Friday, November 19, 2010

Get on those Blings for Papercutz!

***This post was scheduled for the morning!! But Mr Blogger got lazy and decided not to post this :((. So I am posting this now!! ***

Hi Crafters,

TGIF!! Wow, Thanksgiving is just couple of days away!! Dinners, long weekend, travel and lots of shopping to do!! I just love the last part for the Thanksgiving weekend {wink}{wink}.

Its Friday and another challenge day @ PaperCutz Blog. This time we love to see you make a card or LO or a craft project for Christmas using lots of blings and your choice of colors. Go bright and shiny.. Right??
Recently, I got lots of rhinestones and pearls and other assortments from Pizzazz Aplenty. They were so so good. And on and off I use them on many projects. This time I take plenty of those from my case and adorne these beautiful candle. Here they are:

How are they looking?? lolzz!! Here is another look, a closer one ;)

I just love embossing and decorated them and had so much fun that after these I decorated many of my votive candles and gave them different looks :)).

Do stop by at Papercutz and play along with us! We really enjoy looking at your projects.

Ahh! have you seen my new signature?? ;). I won a challenge at Cupcake Inspiration and the prize was some sentiment sets and custom signature/watermark from RaindropEcho Designs. And lovely Ann there have made me this signature and watermark (I still need to learn how to incorporate watermark into my image :( }, but really like the sentiments and the signature.

You all have a lovely weekend and get set for the Thanksgiving.


2 Wonderful Comments:

Mallika said...

Bful work neeti

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Beautiful candles, that is my next project to try, especially after seeing how pretty yours are.